Inside The Business

Inside The Business” is a show that gives factual information about different businesses and how those businesses started. Get a chance to learn how different businesses work as you watch their daily operations. The goal is for you to understand the business so you’ll know if you want to support it or if that’s something you want to pursue. If there is a business that you’d like to be showcased then be sure to Contact us with your request.

Inside The Business with Coconut’s Salon & Barbershop

Learn about barbering and cosmetology as you get a chance to see how Coconut’s Salon & Barbershop was founded. Owner/Barber – David Ra-Ra Daniel along side Cosmetologist – Kristen and Kii Shii shares how to become a Barber and or Cosmetologist.

Inside The Business with Wayne Head’s Southern Kitchen

Wayne Head gives you an inside look on how and why he started his own food truck. Watch as he answer questions about his business and the food truck industry.

Inside The Business with Rembert Family Farms

Randy Rembert breaks down all the steps needed to start growing hemp legally in Florida. Watch and learn about hemp and the flower industry as it continues to become legal in states all over the U.S. every year.

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